✡ A PEACE PARTY ROSARY ✡ (In Stock Now!)

The Jewish Rosary™ Series everybody has been waiting for! 

The Peace Party Collection is just in time for the Recession/looming Depression – but no need to to fear, the Peace Party Collection is here! 

You will feel a burst of sanity upon ownership of this ruby red Jewish Rosary , just wait and see! Giddiness may ensue! And no, they aren’t toxic! 

Designed and patented by your best friend, Carlen Altman. 

Materials + Measurements: Plastic beads with cloth rope chord. 16.5 inches total length (from bottom of star pendant to back of neck) / 11.5 inch length neck opening (from rosary connector to back of neck) Rosary opens and closes at the center of the rosary using a hidden lock mechanism behind the dove connector making this necklace fit everyone!


Type: Necklace    
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